The Lost Islands

A simple map of The Lost Islands.

The Lost Islands, also known as The Lost Island or Midtra, The Lost Kingdom of Peace is home to FrogmenToadmen, and some Humans.



In about 250,600 B.D.F, a small island formed. Trolls lived here until about 250,000 B.D.F, when they migrated north. The families that did stay there, though, created corn and carrot farms, starting a golden age for these trolls. After 12 years of thriving, they left with all of their supplies and farming stuff. They moved north to a small island, stayed there for 16 years, and moved back again due to volcanic erruptions. They stayed until 100,006 B.D.F, then moved away forever, never to return. No trolls live there even in the modern ages.

65,000 B.D.F

A race of humanoids called the Crockodillians, Crocodile people otherwise called, travelled from St. Croc's Island to The Lost Islands and attacked an unexpecting nomadic troll family that were living there. The trolls slaughtered them, but a Crockodillian patriarch bit the trolls, turning them into Crockovikes, massive crocodile people that raid other people. These people formed into epic-sized beasts, who raided plains of trolls for loots and such.

1212 A.D.F

  In 1212 A.D.F, thousands of years after races of their own origin to The Lost Islands started showing up, a humoungous war, called The Shaman Wars, occured all around the world, causing mass destruction in many places. After the war ended, The Lost Islands were rebuilt into a modernistic haven for Frogmen and Toadmen alike. Humans moved in 100 years later.

1462 A.D.F

 Great Gorilla's Jungle was home to Gorillas, but more so Gorillamen. A frogman named Johlto was sent there by his masters to investigate the local specimen. The gorillamen captured him and sacrificed him to their great god, Bokmer. His men killed the sacrificers, but he had already been eaten. His men held a ceremony called Johlto Day.