Grack Muo

Grack Muo, a Frogman MMA clubman.

Grack Muo was a Frogman MMA clubman who fought in simple battles against animals, and later other frogmen. He was also the brother to Tokot Muo.


Grack Muo was born to Maraki Muo and Jockley Muo in 1966, with his 10 year old brother, Tokot Muo.

Early LifeEdit

Grack Muo had a love for sports and boxing in younger years. At about age 12, he started to like Martial Arts, so his parents signed him up for Frogman Karate. By 21 he was an MMA fighter.


On Grack's 16th fight, he won a great medal for winning against his opponent. An angry fan of the now beaten opponent jumped down, pulled out a dagger, and killed Grack. She slayed all the guards that tried to fight her, but Grack's brother,Tokot, jumped down from the audience and did a flying fist to her neck. He became a watch captain. Grack was buried at Cooliok Cemetary.