Grack Muo

Grack Muo, a Frogman MMA clubman.

 Frogmen are a race of Amphibic Humanoids. Frogmen mostly live in The Lost Islands, but have been reported to be living as far south as The Crangocarrnian Islands.



Frogmen are said to have derived from the frog god, Hopper. These great creatures have two forms; frog form and humanoid form. Frogmen in hiding stay in frog form untill there is no humans around.

                  3500 B.D.F

The second most world renowned frogman globally-wise was Greentocker. Greentocker, born a king to the Greal Meke Dynasty, was the son to Froggreener and Greenheader. Greenheader's brother, Frogmantler, was jealous that his brother's son became king, and his son didn't. He left Greckeltarr and travelled north to The Bandito Forest. After grouping a massive army of thugs and marauders, he sieged Greckeltarr, launching a goliath attack on the city itself. This whole entire scenario was known as The Battle for Greckeltarr.

               1642 B.D.F

In 1642 B.D.F, a frogman named Crockstel Batook travelled across a mushroom filled forest, claiming it for frogmen only. Starting a rage with the local Toadmen, a small battle between Crockstel's men and some toadmen concluded a peace agreement. The Toadmen are still holding down this agreement. The agreement was broken for 12 months, or 1 year, because of the Great War of The Lost Islands, but the agreement was put back on from hold after the war ended.

     Discovery of Frogger

Flag of Frogger

The flag that Frogger carried on his ship and with him into battle.

Frogger, the most famous frogman, the Creator of time, and the most famous explorer ever, was a frogman explorer born 24 B.D.F, and discovered and named most of The Great Kingdoms. In his first journey to discover the Stormclops, he named the southern most part of The Great Kingdoms,"Terra" more commonly known as The Land. In a deep canyon, a stormclops was found. The deep canyon was named The Lands Death Pit. Frogger completed his journey and started his second one - to find a Frost Golem, which led to naming a large ice plains, "Frostmenistan". In his third and final journey, the most important one, he built a towering wall, creating two countries instead of one big one. This led to rapid amounts of births of Cyclopses. Frogger completely changed history for The Great Kingdoms. In 0 A.D.F, he discovered, or "Created" time. He started the ages after his three discoveries, with his creation of time being 0 A.D.F. His discovery being time, he started time in 12000 B.D.F, but this was later modified. Frogger died from natural diseases sometime around 35 A.D.F. His tomb was made of pure steel.

              128 A.D.F

In 128 A.D.F, Frogmen mastered the art of crafting with Asclepias, or milkweed. After two years of thriving on milkweed, they used it all up, but, using all of the seeds they had, they kept a steady keep of the plants. Soon, almost all soldiers wore milkweed tunics.
Frogman Guard

A Frogman guard, wearing a Milkweed tunic.

 Green and yellow prints decorated the well-stiched vest. When flax was discovered in 200 A.D.F, Milkweed was stopped from being used. All production of milkweed closed.

          1210 A.D.F

Frogmen travelled south, setting up communities that have numbers still standing up today. After Frogmen became Polythiests from only believing in the god Hopper, Frogmen became focused on their religions. During The Shaman Wars of 1212 A.D.F, Frogmen used their great shamans and paladins, blessed with the light powers of their great gods. Although Frogmen mainly live on The Lost Islands, these great humanoid's pilgrimage all around the world caused many great religious booms in places unknown even in The Modern Ages.